so i'm new to this whole eccentric bb thing (or they're new to me), not sure if this is a problem or just a normal quirk. the frame is a gary fisher rig. i'm going on a longish multi-day ride at the end of the month and i want to make sure this thing is tip top. i only have maybe a few hundred miles on it.

anyway, when i'm pedaling hard out of the saddle, and especially when climbing, it creaks rather loudly with EVERY pedal stroke (right and left). i put a piece of tape going from the bb itself to the bb shell and slit it along the seam. it hasn't rotated at all in 50 miles or so, so i know it's in there solid. the way these things are secured in there i can easily imagine why it would creak, i'm just not sure if that's normal.

so it's not causing me any problems other than being noisy. should i be concerned and/or is there anything i can do about it?