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    Details in Cleaning Used Bike? [New to Biking...]

    Hi! I'm new here. And new to the biking community as I haven't had a bike since I was small, and then it was stolen. But recently, at a huge swap meat, I saw a retro looking bike that folded in half. Apparently I bought a Bianchi Nealeco and it's from the 70's (I didn't even know of Bianchi before this.) It seems like it's in great condition, especially the seat - looks like it's never been used. But the paint is slightly chipped, and the frame has rust spots. I've never repaired, cleaned, or done anything with a bike but well, ride it...

    I read through some posts here on cleaning and removing rust from bikes, but because I'm completely new to bike maintenance, I'm unsure which advice to follow in my situation.

    First, the paint has small chips, but the bike is not the usual Bianchi green (or blue, or whatever that is). I attached a picture. So I don't think Bianchi supplies the paint color...

    Second, I understand that using brass wool is considered better than steel wool? But what are the actual steps in removing the rust AND in buffing the frame to it's nice shiny luster?

    Third, does anyone know where you can buy vintage bicycle decals? The Bianchi decal on my bike has a chip too and I'd like to replace it when I can. (I'd really like to fix up the bike as much as possible.)

    Anyway, I also have plans to visit the local bike shop for questions and a lookover to see what they say. Plus, find out how much they charge to spruce up the bike themselves, but I thought it would be fun to do it myself.

    Thanks for the help!
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