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    Bike Repair Stand: Ultimate Pro or Pro Elite?

    I am looking for a bike stand and am interested in the Ultimate Pro or the Ultimate Pro Elite.

    The key difference appears to be the locking mechansm but i've not been able to see either and while I found a description of how the Pro Elite works, I haven't found a description of how the Pro works.

    This is how I think the Pro works:
    First you open the jaws till they are more than wide enough by turning the knob at the front of the clamp.
    Then you hold the bike up with one hand, slide the jaws back in to close snuggly around the seatpost then tighten the clamp with a quarter turn.
    To release it, you unwind the knob until you have enough clearance then remove the bike.

    I think that the Pro Elite works the same except that there is a red button that provides an instant release to open the jaws. The benefit being that opening the jaws is quicker and when getting the bike down, you don't have to stand there holding the bike with one hand while you turn a knob with the other.

    Do I have this right?

    It looks like the other main differences are the ability to clamp a larger tube and having a slightly larger base. Have I missed anything?

    Any comments from users of the Pro Elite? The Pro is a well proven design and the Pro Elite is new but looks promising.


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    I've never used a Pro so I really can't comment on it but I do own the Pro Elite and like it very much.The way you describe the quick release working is correct but that's not the only difference between the pro and pro elite heads. This review goes into a bit more detail:

    I suspect in the design of the elite head, they also took the time to improve the reliability of the mechanism. When I got my Pro Elite, the head slide lock started working intermittently after the first few uses. Eventually, it stopped locking at all and before going through the hassle of sending it back, I decided to open the head up and take a look. Turned out a spring had popped loose and once I reattached it it all started working fine. In the process, I had a chance to take a good look at the internals and nothing there is cheap or flimsy. The mechanism is as solid as the rest of the stand and should last a long time.

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