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    Ticking Bike Bomb Defused

    My ticking Trek saga has hopefully ended.
    From the original post My bike is a ticking time bomb!
    My Trek 7500 hybrid started to make ticking noises. They are somewhat irregular like thisÖ

    tick ticktick tick tickticktick ticktick tick tick tick ticktick tick ticktick

    It only happens when Iím pedaling, not coasting. It seems louder when Iím pedaling harder. It only occurs when Iím actually on the bike (i.e. if I hold the bike off the ground and turn the pedal it does not make any noise). The only recent change was taking the front wheel off and moving the seat post down to pack it for a trip. It started to make the noise when I reassembled it. Otherwise, it feels like it is working properly. Iíve lubricated everything that I can think of. Anyone have any ideas? I may have to take it to the LBS eeekkkk!!!
    I checked all that I could myself and finally went to a LBS. They determined that my chain had stretched significantly and the teeth on the cassette were worn. Personally, I wasnít entirely convinced that was the problem. Iíve had that issue on other bikes and I never had a ticking noise. However, I figured it wasnít too expensive to replace and probably needed to be done anyways. Unfortunately, this was not the solution. I went to another LBS and they determined it was the BB. One week later I picked it up and took a spin. Sadly, after a few miles the ticking sound returned. Arghhhhh!! I returned to let them take another crack at it. A half week later I got it back. They said it needed further adjustment??? I went for a 20 mile test ride and the sound is gone! Thanks to those who responded to the original post and to those who thought it was the BB you are our WINNERS!

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    Glad you got it fixed!

    The second LBS obviously found the problem, but they must not have torqued the BB properly the first time around. In order to get a BB torqued properly, it's important for the threads to be cleaned and greased. I have found that clean, greased BB threads followed by proper torque is just about the only foolproof way to stop a ticking BB.
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