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    Problems changing gear

    Hello all!

    I know very little about bikes but I have bought a second hand bike to commute (from a friend of a friend) and am having problems changing gear. It has 21 gears and the first 14 work fine but when I try to get into the top 7 there is a lot of clicking and it never changes gear. Does this mean I need to replace the cogs?

    It is a pretty rubbish bike and I only paid 70 for it but I really can't afford to scrap it so I need your help!

    Thank you


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    Hmm... what kind of bike is it, and what kind of shifters does it have?

    When you say you're having trouble getting into the "top 7" gears, do you mean that you're having trouble shifting the front derailer to the largest chainring? The chainrings are the sprockets that are next to the right pedal.
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