I was out dirtjumping on day, with the 5th out of a 5 pack and my pedal was feeling kinda funny. I stopped to look at it, and it seems the spacer that is in the crank arm has come out. I had put new pedals on about a week before and had not ridden them yet. When I was takin them out, the spacer came out with on the pedal. I then went over to my dad's work truck, and proceeded to take it off with a pipe wrench. The pipe wrench was on the spacer as I had a adjustable wrench on the set grooves on the pedal, and eventaull took it off. I put it back in the crank arm. I go out dirtjumping, and the first sentence fits in here.

Will I might need a new crankarm becuase the spacer doesn't fit back in? Or can I just buy a new spacer and everything will be fine?