I've had a nice lesson in buying used forks...namely, don't.
I bought one for a friend on on the advice of a guy who supposedly knows what he's talking about. Turns out that it not only didn't fit, but it needs an overhaul. Since I don't know much about forks and how they work, I guess I got what I deserve, right? The guy who sold it said he serviced it himself, and I'm sure he thought he did a bang-up awesome job at it. At least the thing was pretty cheap.

Anyway, I've currently got a Marchozzi Drop-OFF Comp (130mm) that was OEM on my Rockhopper Comp Disc. The fork I bought is a Manitou Minute 1:00.

So, the questions is, is it worth getting the thing overhauled to replace the Marchozzi? LBS estimated about $70-90 for the work and parts. Apparently the guy blew most of the seals.

I like the fact that the Manitou is adjustable, since my Marchozzi makes a huge wheelbase, and I have to slow to a crawl around tight switchbacks and such. Plus the Manitou will probably be way more plush, while the marchozzi is a really stiff ride. It's great on urban rides, not so much for CX, which is what I find myself doing the most of.

On the other hand, I could be full of crap, and the Marchozzi is awesome, since like I said, I don't know a hell of a lot about suspension.

So yeah, what do you think?