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Thread: Mystery Noise

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    Mystery Noise

    Ok, I posted a while back about possible BB noise, but I'm fairly certain it's not the BB. It's tight, and the noise is really intermittent. It seems to only happen in the evening, not the morning. It almost sounds like the click of the freewheel happens while pedaling forward. Is this possible? If my cassette is dirty would it make this noise?

    It's a late 90s Schwinn Mesa GS - all original, not too many miles.

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    I've not heard too many intermitten clicking noises from cassettes.

    Have you tried removing, completely cleaning, regreasing, and reinstalling your BB? A hassle, I know, but it's the best thing possible for curing "creaky BB syndrome". Cleaning and greasing the BB threads ensures that you'll be able to get the BB as tight as possible, and eliminates the possibility of little bits of dirt stuck in the threads that could make noise.
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