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    Rohloffs, Quick Releases and Horizontal Dropouts

    Rohloff hubs come with either quick release axles or solid axles. My understanding is that the QR version is for vertical dropouts whilst the nutted version is for horizontal dropouts.

    I want to avoid using a chain tensioner and eccentric bottom brackets are few and far between which I think leaves me with horizontal dropouts for chain tensioning. But, in a I-want-it-all kind of way I'd also really like QR.

    What I'm wondering is would rear facing horizontal dropouts be OK with QR? I can't see how the wheel would then shift (if the frame also had limit screws in the dropout slots - not sure what the right term is here).

    While I'm on the subject, how do you get the wheel back on with rear facing dropouts (with no tensioner)?

    And finally, can anyone recommend a good frame that would suit this - it's for a fast, all weather, low maintenance commuter bike I want to build up so needs fittings for a rack, fenders and canti brakes? The On-One Il Pompino or the Surly Cross-Check are the closest I've found so far.

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    Tightened properly and using a proper design (Campy or Shimano-type internal cam with steel rods) qr skewers will exert at least as much clamping force as axle nuts and can't loosen by themselves so a standard front facing horizontal dropout should be fine with the qr hub.

    However, you must avoid the boutique skewers with the external cam design and Ti rods.

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