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    tire shifts in rear dropouts... solutions?

    hey folks.....

    i have an older cannondale aluminum frame bike... a 1992... it has been well used over the years...
    the rear wheel is secured by a quick release....

    - last winter i had no problem with rubbing tires...
    - did some trail riding this summer and think the abuse affected the rear dropout..
    - shortly after any knobby tire would rub the frame opposite the gear cluster (left side); this rubbing would become greater as i pedalled, since the force of the pedalling would pull the tire forward on the right side causing the tire to rub on the left..... dig?
    - i tried everything to prevent the rubbing... used washers... new quick release... and setting it super tight.. had to switch to tires with no knobs
    - since then i've been riding on my fat tire road tires (specialized hemisphere), which have some grooves but no knobs.... these tires do not rub...


    i wnat to switch over to my winter studded tires and worry about the

    - will switching from a quick release to a solid, securable axel hold my tire in place so there is no rubbing?
    - did i mess up the rear dropout by riding the bumps? the guy at a LBS suggested that the quick release has worn a "memory" into the dropout and that it may need filing? does that sound right?
    - any other suggestions?

    i don't want to look for a new winter bike because of rubbing tire... this bike has been faithful to me.... i've already been riding it less since building a fixie, and worry that it will feel neglected and unloved.... when the truth is.... i'll always love her best.... sniff sniff.... sob sob...

    please help me save her!!!

    try harder

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    Two easy things to check.

    First make sure that your rear axle doesn't extend even the tiniest amount past the dropout. If it does, the QR will just bottom against the axle and won't clamp onto the dropout. Honestly, I doubt that's the case with an old Cannondale.

    Another thing to check is the quick release. If you're not using a genuine Shimano, get one. The internal mechanism that's used by Shimano, Campy and a few others clamps much tighter than the others.

    If neither of those work and you have a spin-on freewheel, suspect a bent rear axle.

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