I have a pair of Xero lite XR-1 wheels, I'm 180lbs and they are in great shape with in excess of 2k miles on them in mostly city riding. I am wondering if anyone could help me with the rear hub "formula hub" according to thier site http://www.xerowheel.com/prod_detail...&id2=21&pid=24 the hub seems to be a bit tight, is this a catridge type? The "model" is: RB37 & "mechanism": 4SB, so according to the www.formulahubs.com site (which I guess is owned by Xero?),

I've discovered on the www.formulahubs.com site that "4SB ..means ...guess what SB...duh sealed bearing, and that this is: shimano FH body interchangeable, "easy replacement,equal loading", so I guess this means I can find a replacement??

I've emailed both & used thier webs into service request & I've gotten no response to the question: Can I relace the cartidge? if so where can I get a replacement cartidge? Anyone have any experience with this or ideas as to where I can find what I need to replace? Thanks!!