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    Scooby Snax

    Lockout not working on '02 SID SL

    Hi, i've got a SID SL that I havent ridden in two years, maybe more.
    it has a pure air cartridge to add more information.

    It has been in storrage on a shelf lying down for the last two years, can the lockout valve seize like that?
    or could the blow off rotted out if not immersed in oil?

    I'm going to replace the oil, and take a look at the cartridge to see if I can find anything out of the normal.

    Lastly, does anyone know what the availability of cartridges for these forks are since SRAM has bought them?

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    Scooby Snax
    Update I let the air out, to see what the deal was and see if the damper was working as well.
    the oil appears to have been contaminated, its milky / foamy. It would appear I have to disassemble this and clean it out.
    while I've got it apart, I could repair / replace the cartridge. Can anyone offer who other than Rock Shox sells parts for this?

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    You can send your fork into this guy for service if you can't get the parts. He doesn't sell parts independent of service work.

    The SRAM website has good instructions for fork service. What year is the fork? It's usually in the serial number on the crown or inside of one of the dropouts or on the steerer tube. Sram is pretty good at helping you identify the model year over the phone.
    If you don't know the year then you'll need to know the technologies that it uses to get the right instructions. Is the air chamber dual air, hydra air, air assist, etc. Is the damper system a pure model, c2, pure delite, remote lockout or on the top cap....?
    It's not rocket surgery.

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    Scooby Snax
    The fork is an '02 with Pure Dual Air.

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