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    How to remove a Sachs LY92 freewheel/cassette

    I tried to use a chainwhip and a park BBT5 (for campy cassette, but magically fits the Sachs).
    Was mine too tight or I did something wrong? I couldn't get it out.

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    Sachs Freewheels take the Shimano Freewheel removing tool. Looks and is very close to the cassette version. But the splines are wider.

    Remember this. You tightend that thing with your body weight. Far tighter then any cassette will ever be. So you need just as much torque to take it off.

    #1 is a strong vise. Making a left turn like in a car grab the wheel at 9 & 3 and turn.

    #2 is a 10" or what I use is a 12" cresnet wrench. Place the wheel in your left hand. wrench in your right. Push the wrench towards the floor and put your body weight into it.

    #3 have someone hold the wheel put a pipe on the end of the wrench handle and this one always works!!!

    the threads are normal threading.

    Righty tighty
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