Some of you may know my saga (the Beef even drew a cartoon)...

I rode the Seagull Century, at the rest stop at Assateague, the wind blew my bike over into a bunch of sand, which was everywhere. For the rest of the ride (~38 miles) my BB was squeaking, my left STI lever was hosed and my cleats were so caked with sand I could barely clip in.

A few hundred bucks in parts (with some "might as well" upgrades) I'm rolling again and can utilize my brakes and gears. However, the squeak at the BB endures. It doesn't squeak (that I can hear) under load but when not under load (backpedaling) it squeaks pretty bad.

I pulled the cranks and the BB today - I have a Truvativ (gigapipe) sealed BB on my Trek 1500 - there is a ring on the non-drive side that squeaks really badly. I can't seem to alleviate the squeak - and I've WD-40d it and regreased the hell out of it.

Hopefully, here's a picture. The ring in question is towards the left side of the image - just inside the black, threaded cup. Is this a serviceable part or am I just looking at replacing the whole thing?