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    Saddle and seatpost

    Some time ago, I find some noise come from seatpost. And finally, I revealed that the noise caused because the seatpost rail grip width differ from width of saddle rail about 2-3mm.

    My setpost is FSA K-Force Light; while the saddle is San Marco SKN. Is there any standards for these widths? Or, anyone recommend a saddle that compitible with the seatpost?

    Another strange case is that the newly purchased DT 240s rear hub has uneven sound produced while it rotate freely without pedalling. Any cause or solution?


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    I think that it's quite normal for a freehub to make a slightly uneven sound as it rotates, while it is still so new. There may be some grease that was not evenly distributed inside, and with time, the pawls will even out the grease and it will sound more regular.

    Most saddles do have approximately the same width of rails, and slight differences are usually not too important because the rails are somewhat flexible. So your saddle probably is compatible with your seatpost. If you are sure that the noise is from the rails in the clamp, be sure that the clamp is holding the rails very securely, and maybe try a little bit of grease on the rails to keep them quiet.
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