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    Steering Component Inquiry: What's-It and Where Can I Get One?

    I'm diddling with an aging TREK ZX7000. There's a softish rubber[?] "seal" that sits atop the head tube, surrounding the steering tube, keeping water and crap outta' the unit. Mine's crumbled and alles kaput. I've got the steering unit back together mostly so's not to lose anything 'til I get this thing replaced. [Without this seal thing, I can see bearings when I spy down the steering tube. . .can't possibly be a good thing, I expect.]

    Anyway, I can't identify this part in Zinn's blow-up pictures. Without a name, it's hard to look in, say, Bike Tools, Etc. or Loose Screws to find a replacement.

    So. . .what's-it and here might I get one?

    Many thanks.

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    Is it a wedge-shaped slotted ring? If yes, it's the thingie that centers the top cup of the headset. Park call it "centering sleeve".

    It's on the right hand side in this pic
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