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    Shimano C102 question

    Greetings all! I am new here and -being the old fart that I am- have been posting in the 50+ forum
    I ride a Gary Fisher Kaitai which comes equipped with a Shimano C102 front derailleur.
    So far, my attempts to understand this derailleur have been a bit frustrating.
    Would anyone have an adjustment guide or be able to point me to one?
    Searching the Shimano site for a "C102" product indicates there is no such thing. Really?
    My chain is rubbing the cage and I'd like to stop that.

    OK, first off: even though they don't list ANY contact info, I shot an email to It came up as a valid addy. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath. Second: Failing the above, I will personally undergo the pain of figuring it out and report back. I got a good start last night when I lost 30 minutes of my ride due to frantic cable reattchment and screw turning so I'd at least have all of my chainrings back. More as it develops should interest warrant more. Maybe y'all have dumped your C102s for something else.
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