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    Stout hub-how is it taken apart?

    This axle is from a Stout front hub that was Katrined. How do I get the inner part-the tip of which is threaded and is .350"-roughly 9mm.One end is threaded, one end has a quick release lever.The threaded end isn't in far enough;that is why I want to know how to "move it".
    Is it threaded in, or is it just slipped in(in which case I have to bang it out).
    It wasn't mine-I came by a bunch of Katrina wheels I have slowly been repairing.Not really worth doing from a $$ point of view, but I can't resist.
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    Can't really tell from the pics. It could be a corrosion-welded press fit. Try soaking with penetrating oil, then thread a steel nut on flush and whack it with a hammer to get it to shift. Try whacking from the long end if it doesn't shift.
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