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Thread: Help Me Please

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    Help Me Please

    Hello there I have a sacracen bike i dont know the model of it but when i ride the bike the chain comes up near the front cog and the de-railer rises which stops me from peddaling
    What could i do someone please help

    email me

    thank you very much

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    First let me say that cogs are on the rear wheel. Chainrings are the sprockets where the pedals/cranks are.

    As for the problem you're having; A) There may be grooves worn into the front deraileur cage that can cause chain binding. B) The chain may have one or more stiff links. C) The front deraileur may be too close/too far from the chainrings. D) The front deraileur may not be parallel with the chainrings.

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    Have a look at the chainring that's causing the problem and see if there is a bent tooth. Sometimes this can hook the chain out of line and engage it with the derailleur. You also may be suffering chain suck, where the chain drops down in between the chainrings, gets caught, and stops you pedalling because it mashes up against the derailleur or the chainstays.

    You might need to provide a bit more information for an accurate diagnosis.
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