Hi all:
I just joined this forum today for the specific purpose of asking this question, although looks like there is lots of good info here. I am building up 2 frames, both 60cm, 1 is a C'dale Optimo Cyclocross and the other is a C'Dale Silk Road 600. I want to use both for jsut recreation, the dirt roads around here where I live and we've found that mountain bikes are slow/overkill and road bikes are pretty tough on the dirt roads.

I bought the Silk road on a whim because of the good price and got kind of stuck - I think I know why the price was so good. I can't seem to find a Silk Road Fork/Headset for it -- and I guess will call Cannondale tomorrow. I saw some info that maybe they don't make this Headshok fork for Road bikes anymore. ...thought I'd give this forum a try as well.

My questions are these:
1.) I have found some headtube adapters that will allow conversion from 1.5 inch to 1.125 inch (1&1/8") steerer tubes. They will allow me to buy a standard fork for it. What I am worried about is loosing height in the front end. The old headshok fork had a shock that fit between the bottom headset cup and and the top of the fork crown. This will not be present in a standard fork. The stackheight of these adapters , the bottom cup is the only one that actually counts -- is only about 20mm...
I think I may loose up to two inches in the front end -- making a weird bike. Anyone have any experience with this ?
2.) Anyone know a source of the Silk Road Headshok road forks ? (10 or 15mm of shock travel)...
Thanks !