A few days I posted about a 20yo rim having two 1.5mm dents, and whether this rim could be satisfactorly trued. To keep this short; I replaced a few spokes and nipples due to seizing during the truing process and eventually replaced ALL the nipples per someone's suggestion. I discovered the dents while working on this rim, this is not my regular ride.

As I assembled the rim back together, I started the truing process essentially from scratch.

It was apparent to me about half way through the truing process, that these dents were not playing nicely. I didn't think the dents were going to come out well enough to sell the bike and I didn't want to try to find a matching rim and start all over.

Just so happened that Bill Ron, a well known SO CA track mechanic, was in his shop today. Bill keeps irregular hours. Of course he had a dent puller! He admits to being a tool geek. I didn't even expect to get the rim back on the same day, Bill is in pretty high demand. He has been hired for the entire month of January by the US Team for the Track Championships at the ADT Velodrome.

He pulled out the dents and trued the wheel for a price so good, I'm not going to post it here. Same day service! (might have helped that I just sent a friend to him for a complete Campy build on a new Seven road frame).

I brought the rim home, chucked it into my cut up Raleigh frame I use for wheel truing. Pulled out my dial indicator and ran the runout. +/- .010 at its highest and lowest.

Killer! Sometimes it pays to let a pro do the work with the right tools.

Although this thread is not intended to be a shameless plug, thanks Bill!