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    Sachs Torpedo 7 speed internal hub

    I have an early 90's Specialized Globe that I purchased about a year ago in non-riding condition. Flat rear tire, and according to the previous owner (not a mechanic) it wouldn't shift. Tires appear to be original, so it can't have that many miles on it. Tires actually have some decent tread left on them!
    Chain is at about 12-1/16" in length, so I'll replace that item.

    Just started cleaning up the bike, seeing what I need to invest in order to bring this cool city bike back to nice working condition. I removed the rear wheel last night and upon reviewing the wheel found the rim weld split (POS single wall lightweight black 36h rims).

    I opened up the rear shifting mechanism that sits off the outside of the axle and that seems fine. The steel rigid shifting cable is not broken and the internal plastic gears are good.

    That brings me to the internal Sachs Torpedo 7 speed hub (with coaster brake) do I determine whether the hub is good BEFORE I go to the expense of buying a new rim and relacing it? I have zero experience with internal hubs (not sure my single speed coaster brake experience in the late 60's counts!).

    Are there any tests that someone can recommend? (I don't own any other internal hub bikes). Another thought is whether anyone knows of a shop in SO CA that has lots of experience with internal hub service.

    (If the hub is bad, I'll convert this to a single speed with coaster brake. The bike has canti's in the front) Its too heavy of a bike to safely run with only a front canti.

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    Have you put the bike on a stand and tried it? That would have the be the first thing to try.

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