I'm stumped and need help.
I have a line on some Duo Track MTB forks that could fit one or two of my old MTBs. But I don't know anything about Duo Track except it's an older firm that is no longer in business. Were their forks any good or did they make low end/ bargain bike forks?
The forks that are available are elastomer forks. I know these degrade, but two of the available forks have little or no miles on them. Do elastomer forks degrade substantially over time even if they have not been used?
I'm not looking for perfection, these forks would be used for a classic build that is used only occaisionally on a very light weight trail, but I will ride the bike(s) with these forks if I buy them.
If you can help I would really appreciate it. I have to look at the forks tonight.