Can you use them?

I have a sweet new rig that I designed to be an all-rounder; Dean compact Ti with extra clearance for 'cross. I run open pros with cross tires, and switch to lightweight Cane Creeks for most daily road rides.

I have a chance to buy almost-new Zipp 404 carbon tubulars for a great price. I'd use these wheels only for race days, and all other wheels are alluminum and work great with my current SRP canti style brakes. Why does everybody run differennt (cork?) brake pads with carbon rims? Do they ruin them? Or do they just work a but better and stop quicker than if you use rubber?

It would be a royal pain to change brake pads, could I get away with running special pads for the Zipps that would also work with all the others? Do they even make special carbon-specific pads in canti mount style?

todd richards