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    Compression plug for non-carbon steerer tube?

    I know that compression plugs are used in carbon steerer tubes because a star nut would (could) damage the carbon matrix. Question is, is it ok to do the reverse - use a compression plug in an alloy steerer tube?

    If not, can the compression plug simply be swapped for a star nut, or is it not that simple?

    I've got a great deal lined up on a good headset, but it uses a compression plug, and you guessed it, I have a fork with an alloy steerer.


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    If the plug will expand enought to grip the steerer it will work fine.

    For my first threadless fork installation I bought a Kestrel EMS Pro with a Cr-mo steerer. Since I wasn't sure how long to leave the steerer until I tried the bike a few times, I put in a lot of spacers and used a compression plug. After I got the bar height dialed in and cut the steerer to final length, I replace the plug with a star nut but the plug would have served as a permanant adjuster too.

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