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    Wobbley Wheel returns

    I had a woobly wheel a while back and fixed it with your advice, but it has returned and I need some more advise. I think I have discovered the problem on the rear wheel the piece that holds the bearings in opposite the crank (sorry I dont know the name for it) its a circular piece, but its slightly bent at the top I think this is causeing the bearings to jam which force the piece to spin and makes the wheel wobble. If you understood that do you think thats whats causing it?

    Now if that is the case I need advise on procceding from there. Could I just buy a replacement for that peice or will I need a whole new axel set as was mentioned before. Also, a whole new wheel was mentioned as remedy, but if that is the problem a new wheel would not be the way to go right? Also should I replace it myself or have the LBS do it?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Can you take it to a local shop and ask them to help you figure exactly what you need. If you have an inexspensive bike it might be cheaper to buy a wheel than to replace the damaged parts even if you do the work yourself.
    it is hard to figure out what your problem is from your description, sounds like one of the metal seals opposite the drive side is bent. That alone should not cause a wobble. It may have come out of adjustment or have a bad cone or bent axle.
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