I was cleaning off my bike after my ride today, 2001 Giant OCR1 and while I was around the cranks I noticed something. Right below where the front derailleur is attached there is an indentation. If the front derailleur were to keep getting pulled towards the frame it seems it would land nicely in this indent. There is also one near the backside, closest to the rear of the bike, of the cranks. It seems to 'make way' for the cranks. This is all onthe drivetrain side of the bike by the way. Since there are two of them Im inclined to not think they were caused by falling. I have taken two crashes on the bike. One I fell off to the left the other to the right. Although for a crash to have caused this the drivetrain would have to have been seriously shoved into the frame and surely I would have noticed that. Ive been riding the bike since mid feb with no problems. Any other Giant road bike owners see this on there bikes? If not, could my frame now possibly be not structuraly sound?