I need to replace the bearings in a pair of Superbe pedals i just got, and after like 2

hours of research and measuring i am way beyond confused. This shouldn't

be this ****ing hard

www.bikepro.com lists the bearings as being 698 for the outer which is 8x19x6

The bearings that i took out measure 9x20x6. Ok so that is a 699 no big deal....

The inner bearing is listed as a 6800 which is 10x19x5. The bearings I have are

11x20x7, 11mm bearings don't exists AFAIK. I can find 10x19x7 but the spindle is a

tight fit in the 11mm bearings i have. I am so confused maybe i am just

dumb but can somebody please give me a definitive answer on what size

bearings I need? Pretty please?