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    Tech help assembling Front-Freewheel crankset

    This pertains to a Shimano FF System Front Freewheel chainring.
    After cleaning and successfully reassembling the freewheel chain ring to the one-piece crank (pat-myself-on-the-back I never lost a single loose bearing ball (total of 69 loose balls) with a light white grease I am wondering if I should use the same light grease on the bottom bracket bearing sets as opposed to using the normal (for me) Parks green Poly-Lube.

    The freewheel has two pawls with a fine-wire spring so I knew the Parks grease is too heavy for that but I also am wondering if I do use the heavy grease in the right-side BB bearing race if the heavy grease might migrate into the relatively-open freewheel bearing balls and ratchet pawls which are immediately next to the BB bearing?

    When I disassembled the BB it appeared that the BB bearings had a grease much lighter than I am used to seeing in old BBs.

    So what's the wisdom from the old-heads here?

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    Well I can't say that I've had much experience overhauling FW cranks, but for the ratcheting mechanism you may want to try DT Swiss Huji grease, as it is lighter, and intended to be used on their ratchet plates.

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