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    Anyone with a Specialized Sirrus A1 Sport

    Ok, I am putting the bike back together, and I see the fork came loose from the frame of the bike, and all those round things on the fork are scattered everywhere- I have no idea as to the order of how they are supposed to be put back on the bike- I have a Sirrus from 2002, so if anyone can graphically describe or post a picture showing the order of how these are supposed to go back on, I'd much appreciate it, muchos gracias!



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    Sorry, Koffee, but I have absolutely no skills worth anything for your mess. You are learning mechanics the hard way, aren't you?
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    Unfortunately, yes.

    I don't think this is a mechanics problem, though. It's just a matter of knowing what goes where. :confused: I can't believe my fork got loose from the frame in transit! I wrote "YOU BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT" on the box. What more do I need to do to the airlines to get them to treat my luggage with kid gloves? Bleed?

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    Is there a brand name or other indication of make/model of the headset on any of the parts.

    If it's a standard design threadless headset, you may find this... all you need.

    Well, that and the necessary tools. :confused:

    How did this happen, again?

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