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    Amer Classic "Campy" Cassette Fit Problem on Shimano Hub

    Here's my problem. I have a Cannondale with a Chorus drivetrain and Mavic Ksyerium that works just fine. I also have a Shaimano 600 wheel and a Velomax Orion "shimano" wheel, that I assumed I could use with my Campy bike if I got an American Classic conversion Cassette. They all work - "theoretically" - except that the cassette is just a bit too close to the spokes, so that in the 23t, the derailleur just "ticks" some of the spokes. If I could add a very thin spacer, it would move the cassette out, but the 12t is just barely engaging the splines on the hub, so I don't think I can.

    The cassette body needs to be a tiny bit longer. I'm pretty sure these are 10 speed hubs. Is there a measurement I can check to see if I have the correct hubs ??

    Is there a way to get my wheels to work ?? I was hoping to make use of them since I already have them. Are there just certain Shimano compatible hubs that work with American Classic conversion cassettes and Campy ?

    Should I just sell the wheels and look for Campy wheels instead ?


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    Is the Shimano 600 an old 7 speed or 8-10? I wouldn't think a 10 on the 7 hub would grab the lockring at all but I might be mistaken. The total [slot/spine] width on a 7 speed hub would be about 32.5mm, an 8-10 spd hub about 36mm.

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