Question: With my new/warranty replacement Forte rear wheel from Performance (similar to Supergo Korso / Neuvation M28 aero), should I go ahead and replace all 10 non drive-side spokes with something better -or is checking for even spoke tension on those factory spokes good enough to assure a realiable wheel?

History: I had used the original wheel (vintage 2005) exclusively for races and a couple TT's -about 10 in all (at most around 300 miles!!!)-before breaking the first spoke in a crit. (non-drive side). Can't remember at what point it broke. I replaced the spoke with a bladed 14 gauge one from a LBS. Last week, out of laziness and lack of time, I used the wheel on a group training ride, and broke the second spoke by doing nothing more than a hard acceleration in a sprint. I just returned the wheel to Performance and got a warranty replacement.

BTW: I weigh 150 lbs.

Both spokes broke at the nipple. I hear that the spokes were of poor quality - is it worth replacing them straight-away?

I'm concerned about using this replacement wheel in a race now if I can break a spoke just by sprinting!

The spokes are, what, 12 gauge? 13 gauge (fatter than 14)? Would replacing them (at least the 10 non-drive-side spokes) with a good quality 14 gauge spoke be safer? What spokes would you recommend if so?

Anyone tried half rebuilding these wheels before? Sheldon Brown seems to recommend this when you get those non drive-side spokes breaking: even recommends half-radial lacing: any thoughts (spokes are currently cross 1), given that I have a new wheel (but given my experience & its reputation!)?

Drive side spokes are cross one, but spokes do not come into hub anywhere near tangent. If I'm rebuilding this wheel, should I go ahead and get slightly longer spokes to run a x2, so spokes come into hub more at tangent?

Thanks to all for the input!