I traded saddles with a friend. I was in a bit of a rush, so I just put it on loosely and tightened it later. However, when I tightened it, I found that the rails on the new saddle are a bit further apart. In fact, to get it to stay snug I had to make the mounting screw really really tight. I figured the rails would bend into the correct position without giving me much trouble, but I was wrong.

The problem is that I've readjusted the saddle a few times over the last week. I finally got it in the right position, but I also noticed that the mounting screw is basically completely striped from making it so tight all the time. Now I'm worried that the mounting bracket might be permanently deformed.

Why did this happen? I thought all rail saddles were compatible? Should I replace the mounting bracket? If so then how can I remove the mounting bracket from the seatpost...especially since the screw is almost completely striped.