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    pretty new at this, does anyone no wether there is a special toll for removing a compact ALU m.o.ST crank bolt, i cant get the thing off, there are two small wholes either side of the bolt making me wonder if there is a specific tool


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    I'm not familiar with that crank, but it may be that you are looking at an extractor ring that threads in after the crank bolt is secured. At least some of these self extractor rings have small holes and require a spanner wrench to remove. But if this is your situation, you don't need to worry about it because to remove the cranks you leave the extractor ring in place as you unscrew the hex bolt, this is what allows you to remove the cranks without a crank puller. Once the cranks are off, there's still no need to remove the extractor, you can re-install the cranks with the extractor still in place-
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