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    Calick Click Calick

    I was kinda worried about that sound. But I discovered once I got the bike on my repair stand that it was just a stiff link in the chain. I went to the Park Tool site to find out about replacing a chain. Lo and behold, I found out how to simply and easily correct a stiff link with latteral pressure on the chain. It was like "we have a tool for this, but here's how to fix it without the tool." I have only the deepest respect for Park Tool. In the event that I do require specialized tools, they will be at the top of my list.
    In this age of mindless consumerism, of atomized populations living in boxes, working in boxes, and traveling in boxes, almost always alone, with only the electronic voices of their new feudal lords to guide them through life, the bicycle becomes an instrument of gentle revolution. --Richard Risemberg

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