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    Braze-on Racks & Suspension Seatposts

    I bought a new braze-on rack from my LBS and when I went to install it I found out I had no clue on how to. It came with 3 screws, 3 nuts, and 3 different attachments. I have a suspension seatpost for my comfort bike and it looks like it could be put on in the "seatstay bridge". Does anyone have any visual aids or anything to help with the mounting?

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    What kind of bike?

    If you have threaded holes near your rear dropouts, two of the screws are for securing the rack legs there. If you don't have the threaded holes, you'll need some "P" clamps to fit your seat stays.

    Many bikes also have threaded rack fittings near the top of the seat stays. If you have those, you need to fit a pair of bracecs from your rack to the fittings. If your bike doesn't have the rack fittings, you can rin one brace to the brake or fender mounting hole on your seat stay bridge.

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