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    Campy wheels and tire installation


    Wanting to switch out a set of 25's to a pair of 23's on my Campy Ventos wheelset. The 25's are Conti Gatorskins and although they were difficult to get on, I got them on. I'm replacing them with size 23 Sefras tires and oh my God they are difficult to get on. I finally got them on, but it took a good hour and once I pumped them up, a minute later, both tubes popped. Is there a better way????? Should I look for different tires? Campy wheels suck!
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    I don't think it's peculiar to Campy; some tire-tube combos are just rough like that. Try a bit of soap on the bead and rim, and make sure that tube is out of the way of your tire iron. I've heard good things about purpose-made tools for this job, like this one:

    I haven't used one, but you might consider. An hour is a terrible thing to waste.

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    I had issues like that once. I had pinched the tubes while trying to work the bead around the rim. Took one of the beads off, did it again paying more attention to keeping the tube inside the "balloon" of the tire as I installed it. Tire pressure held. 400 miles later I ran over some glass and flatted. I booted the tire and dreaded the re-installation roadside, but the tire went on easily. I decided that it was likely an issue of a brand new tire and that there is some stretch. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, just make sure you don't damage the rim in the process and you'll be fine. Its not the wheels.

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