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    A question for wheel buiders

    I am looking at a pair of vintage tubulars with flat spots. This is how he described them:

    There is one flat on each rim, about 1-2 inches long and about 4-5mm deep. Both could feasibly be pushed out with a 'rim pusher' - a simple tool that is placed between the hub and the rim (once the wheel has been roughly laced and tensioned) and works like a screw jack to remove the flat. I'm afraid though, I can't guarantee perfect results, but basically, as a professional wheelbuilder I can tell you that they will build into wheels, but I can't say to what exact standard, especially if you're a bit of a perfectionist!
    I don't expect perfection but do you think the flat spots could be taken down to 1-2 mm? These rims are very hard to find and I would really like them to be ridable. Your thoughts?
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    Its called a rim dent puller and here is a URL for the item:

    Make sure you copy and paste the entire link into your browser. Not too many shops have these and the person using this tool needs to know what he is doing.

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