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    Front brake woes

    I recently put a 26 X 1-1/2" Weinmann 519 front wheel on my 1987 GT Mt. bike. I couldn't get adaquete stopping power with the old brake pads, so I installed a new set of Kool Stop Eagle 2 (threaded stem) pads. Now my brakes are worse than ever. I cleaned the rim surface, adjusted the cables, and checked to make sure the pads were making good contact, but still no brakes. Is there something I'm overlooking? The only way I can get adequate brakes is by squeezing the brake lever as hard as I can.

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    Assuming they're canti's

    The geometry of the cables is half the battle. Mess around with the length of the traverse cable or longer link wires. One rule of thumb: if on the stand the brakes feel super-duper rock solid- like you pull the lever and it feels really, really solid- you're probably not going to have any stopping power. Better set up brakes will feel initially a bit mushy when on the stand.
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