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    Squeak\noise in front hub

    I have a Cannondale F4 mountain bike with all the stock parts. I bought it new about 2 months ago and it rides great except recently it's been making 2 noises. A squeak type noise is coming from the front wheel and it sounds like it's in the hub not the disc brake. The noise is most noticable when I'm putting weight toward the front end and seems to in one area of the spin (meaning it's not constant).

    I did ride through some shallow creeks a few weeks back, but don't recall for sure if I heard the noise prior to the creeks.

    Any suggestions on what this noise may be or how to correct it?

    The second noise is a click sound the head shock started making when it returns to resting position. I've taken the front wheel off a few times and reseated it, but the noise stays. The only time it stopped was when I took it into the shop. It started making the noise again when I got home. It sounds sort of like metal bumping up against metal. The click sound just started on Sunday. I rode around in the parking lot and it was fine. When I drove out to the trails and got back on the bike, the noise started.

    Any suggestions also on what that noise may be or how to correct it?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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    Hub Noise. How loud is the squeek? If it's not very loud it's probably coming from a dry seal where the axle exits the hub. Put a tiny drop of silicon lube in that area and see if that fixes it.

    Headshock Noise. I know nothing about headshocks. You would probably be best served by asking at a bike shop that specializes in Cannondales.

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