I recently purchased a GT XCR 5000 from a co-worker that was in fairly good condition and a very reasonable price. The only thing wrong with it was the crankset needs to be replaced as about 10 teeth in total have been ground down somewhat.

However, I can't find a crank that will fit! I've tried about 5 cranks, and everyone that gets installed is too wide at the base where it sits on the axle, so it rubs against the frame when it rotates. The old one did not do that, it was some kind of sun tour crank.

Any ideas of what current crankset will fit onto this bike? I'm not very familiar with this i-drive system. If no new cranks can fit, can i just change the bb to a longer axle? If so, what specs does it take? I'd rather stick to buying just a new crank and not mess with the bb though.