I currently have a wheel set with "Master" brand hubs. I have been unable to find any sort of information on them whatsoever. At my LBS they said that they looked like a Shimano 105 knock-off (everybody laughed when he said that he thought they may be french, mechanic humour??) and that they should be fully servicable. So, I am assuming that because they have a Shimano-type freewheel on the rear hub they should also use Shimano everything else ie. same size bearings, cones, etc,. I'm new to this DIY thing so I'm not 100% on how it all fits together. Thanks for your input in advance.


PS- I don't have a camera so.... they have a polished aluminum shell with a concave profile, it says Master in fancy writting, and it also has a black strip that has a nipple that fits into a small hole on the shell. I hope this is helpful.