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    Twisting CF spokes

    Last week, I hit a hole and knock my Spinergy Xaero Lite wheels out of true. Since I'd picked them up as part of a used bike, I didn't realize that to true them, you have to take the tires off and true them from the inside. I just grabbed the splines with an ordinary wrench and twisted the spokes.

    How bad is it to twist the spokes? Do I need to loosen everything and rebuild the wheel?

    Now that I know what I was supposed to do, I bought a few new spokes to replace the ones with screwed up splines and I bought the tools I need to perform adjustments so I won't be stripping splines again. However, it will be much easier to replace a few spokes than it would be to start again from scratch, but I'm wondering if I need to bite the bullet.

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    I found it way easier to detention the wheel to get the new spokes thru the eyes in the hub. The angle the crossing spoke makes you use to get thru the hub is pretty tight.
    So de tension it, remove and replace the damaged spokes one at a time and bring it back up to tension. Holding each spoke with the spline wrench is a little annoying but not a big deal.
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