Also posted @ Road Cycling forum,but seems more fit here:

I've decided to change out my road pedals for a pair of Shimano M520 for ease of walking on mtb shoes and also I could clip in/out way faster w/ the M520 than the KEO. Maybe if I get into more competitive cycling, I'll consider using the KEO again.

Now I got a pair of Sidi Zeta Road Shoes that I absolutely love (the other pair are shimanos). The soles are smooth. It does have hole patterns to fit the SPD cleat. I wanted to make it still walkable w/o killing the cleats. I've seen Shimano SH-71 that comes w/ pontoons:


Will this Shimano SH-71 works with the M520 SPD mountain pedals? Or you guys have any other suggestions short of me going out and buying a Sidi mountain shoes?