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    New bike problem

    Hello everyone,

    Ok hmmm first up im not very clued up about cycles at all, id only do around 30 miles a week on my new mountain bike witch is mainly just grocery shopping and taking in the country side i live in.

    My problem is unusual to say the least, when i bought the bike a little over 3 weeks ago it ran perfectly no problems at all but just over a week ago things got strange, gears wouldnt switch properly (up to 1 minute after i had set the new gear) clanking from the gears, the entire bike vibrating when i have to put pressure on the pedals and the most annoying of all it seems i have to put in twice as much work to make the bike move as most times its as if the bike itself is fighting against me with every peddle push.

    Please help i love going out on my bike for little country rides and this has pretty much put a stop to it, oh could we keep bike speak to a bare minimum as i dont have a clue about bike mechanics

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    Sounds to me like your bike is telling you that it's ready for it's new bike adjustment.

    The shifting and brake cables on new bikes settle in after a period of time and require readjustment. Bike stores usually offer a free adjustment for taking care of this.

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