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    Is This Cartridge Caput?

    Oh CRAP!!! I meant CARTRIDGE, not cassette and I can't change the title of this bloody message!!!!

    I’m looking into a quiet ‘low frequency rumble’ in the drivetrain of my beater ride [TREK ZX7000]. With the chain off, I hear it only when I spin the cranks fast. I can ‘feel’ a slight rumble when I hand turn the crank at all speeds. There is about a 2mm lateral back and forth ‘play’ at the ends of the cranks. [The cranks are seated snugly, BTW.]

    I want to say the cartridge is worn and should be replaced, but not liable to fail altogether and leave me stranded in the scary wilds of West Virginia. Wuddayathink?
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    The bearings are shot and the cartridge should be replaced. It isn't likely to strand you but could produce an interesting ride home someday soon.

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