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    Bike Build on a Fuji Frame?

    First let me say that I am not a bike mechanic. I have a new 2000 Chrome Moly Fuji Newest frame and fork. I bought it a few years back with the intention of building a fixie/single speed. I have the complete specs for the bike as offered by Fuji in 2000. Would this bike be worth building into a daily user? What Groupo would you suggest considering the frame is about in the middle of Fuji's lineup. Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    The frame is a decent one and worth building up IF you can get the build kit at a reasonable cost or can cherry pick components and sales. These days, buying a complete bike at any given component level is often cheaper than buying individual components for an existing frame/fork.

    If you go ahead, consider 105 or Tiagra as the component group. They are good, solid parts and well suited to use as a daily rider bike. They are likely the components that would have come on it if the bike had been originally bought complete.

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