i tried to search as i'm sure its be covered but the search was not working hence the thread, Well anyways i liberated old shimano 3-speed hub from a abandoned bike slated for removal by the TTC only July 7th(bless the bankrupt tcc) i have heard that old shimano 3 speeds are more durable than the current nexus hubs is this true, all so how do they stack up as far as shift speed/acuracy freewheel ingadgement. In short think its worth using this hub or just shelling out the 100$ for a nexus 3-speed its in shape(seems to be)
ssssssssssssssssssss ss____
as far as stampings go its 3 s |_
shimano japan

so i think its a shimano 3s or 3sl, i hope it means somthing to someone because, it didnt to google.i'll post a pic tomorrow