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    BB threading for 2004 Mercier Draco frame?

    I just picked up a Mercier Draco Columbus Zonal Al frame for what I hope is a good deal. It needs a BB (double) but I'm not sure the threading or size. I've used 68x109 on my Fuji touring frame set up as a double. I've emailed a couple sites selling the bikes but have not gotten replies. Is Italian threading 70 x 1xx?
    Can anyone point me to the correct BB specs for this frame?
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    I think the new Mercier frames are made the same place as current Fujis, Windsors, etc. I don't think any non-Italian frame maker is using Italian thread, so I would put odds on your BB being English thread. The shell is almost certainly 68mm. Spindle length is dependent on the crank you will be using. It has nothing to do with the frame. So, choose a crank, and pick your BB (68 x ___) to match.

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