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    Rims for disk brakes

    I’m building a cyclo-cross bike and I plan to use mechanical disk brakes. While checking out different rims, I see two versions of almost identical rims—one regular for rim brakes, and the other marked for “bikes with disk brakes”. An example is the DT Swiss TK 7.1.

    My questions are:
    1) Can I use a standard rim when using disk brakes, even if it is not marked “bikes with disk brakes”?
    2) Is a “disk” rim stronger to withstand the extra braking forces a disk brake can generate?
    3) Is it simply that a “disk” rim does not have a suitable wear strip for rim brakes?


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    1. Yes, you certainly can.
    2. No, the braking forces are the same. What have to be strengthened are the fork and seat stays. Braking forces are limited by tire adhesion and the ability to stop without lifting the rear wheel.
    3. That's probably the only difference. The brake track is not machined and the manufacturer doesn't have to worry about a smooth joint.

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